Do Not Miss This Great Article for Users of  MCI®-2006 NS in Shotcrete!

December 2, 2020

It is always nice to have quality resources on hand to demonstrate the use of MCI® Technology in real-life applications. One of those resources is an MCI® article published in Shotcrete Magazine, the publication of the American Shotcrete Association. The article, entitled, “Aiming for Extended Service Life with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors,” features several repair projects that make use of MCI® admixtures in shotcrete. Although not mentioned specifically by name, Cortec’s MCI®-2006 NS was used in two of those repairs.

The first repair took place on the Crib Point Jetty in Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia. The project involved removing deteriorated concrete and replacing reinforcement as needed. The last step was applying the shotcrete repair mortar (which contained MCI®-2006 NS) to mitigate further corrosion.The project won the 2001 ICRI Award of Excellence in the Transportation category. MCI®-2006 NS was also used in the patching repair of the Liberty Tunnel, one of multiple projects in Pennsylvania PennDOT District 11 where MCI® has been added to shotcrete over the course of eight years or so. 

The article also features plenty of photos that show the versatility of MCI® normal set admixtures for use in shotcrete repairs of bridges, tunnels, and even an amusement park volcano. The article is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn about using MCI®-2006 NS or other MCI® admixtures with shotcrete. Click here and scroll to page 12 of the Summer 2017 Shotcrete Magazine to read more: 

For a PDF version please click here.