Helping You Design the Next Great MRO Product on the Market! (A Quick Guide for Formulators)

February 18, 2020

Spray cans are great for maintenance because they offer a portable, easy way to apply cleaners, lubricants, and rust preventatives around a facility. Since the MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) field intersects with practically every industry, aerosol products open up a great opportunity for formulators to meet the needs of a massive audience. Here’s a quick guide on how we at Cortec® Spray Technologies (CST) can help you formulate the next great maintenance product from start to finish.

1. Design Your Product
The first step is to identify the product you want to sell. Maybe you already have a formulation you just need to package in spray cans. Maybe you want to private label one of our many house formulas. Maybe you want to design something completely new! Cortec® can help you formulate a broad range of lubricants, cleaners, rust preventatives, or unique custom products.

2. Adapt it to Aerosol Format
Once the product has been identified, it must be adapted to the desired spray can format. This can involve thinning the product and choosing the right propellant. The lab at CST will blend and provide a variety of samples for you and your customers to try and see what you like best.

3. Choose Your Packaging
Sometimes packaging options seem endless. You can choose between traditional aerosols or, in some cases, newer “green” technology bag-on-valve (BOV) EcoAir® spray cans powered by compressed air for safer storage and replacement of chemical propellants. You will also need to make decisions based on answers to a variety of questions, such as: • What kind of spray pattern do you want—light mist, strong mist, or single stream?
• What diameter does the spray need to be?
•Do you want standard can sizes, spray-heads, caps, and box quantities? Or are you looking for custom options?

CST has a strong record of formulating and packaging aerosols for everyone from big name companies with regular contracts to small companies requesting short runs that other contract fillers would overlook. Whatever the size, we are here to serve you and get the job done to help you make the next great MRO product on the market!

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