In-Depth Engineer Training Lays Important Foundation for MCI® Growth in Latin America

November 18, 2019

Cortec® periodically has the pleasure of welcoming engineers who make the long journey from other continents to get in-depth MCI® training at Cortec® world headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The 2019 Cortec® World Sales Meeting in early October provided an excellent opportunity for distributors from Latin America to maximize their travels by taking advantage of extra MCI® training before and after the biannual event.

In the days prior to the World Sales Meeting, Eng. Matheus Rocha Silva (Corr Solutions, Brasil) and Eng. Francisco Hidalgo (Codemet, acting as MCI® consultant to Corr Solutions from his long experience in Ecuador) brought two consulting engineers to headquarters to learn more about MCI® Technology, tour the plant, and observe MCI® detection testing on samples from a building needing repair in Brazil. The two first-time guests appreciated the warm, friendly welcome they received from Cortec® employees and went home satisfied and further convinced about the quality of MCI® after seeing the technology in practice. In the meantime, Engineers Rocha and Hildalgo stayed on for additional networking and education with Cortec® distributors at the World Sales Meeting.

After the World Sales Meeting, Eng. Gabriela Salome, visiting from Energia Integral, Peru, joined Cortec® employees at headquarters for additional MCI® training. Mornings were packed with lab work as MCI® Technical Service Engineer, Casey Heurung, guided them through the lengthy process of ASTM G180 testing, which takes many steps and several days in order to evaluate the corrosion protection of admixtures according to an industry accepted standard
(which Cortec’s lab is ISO 17025 certified to perform). Heurung also demonstrated concrete adhesion testing and MCI® detection with UV/ Vis spectroscopy. He showed examples of rebar coated with CorrVerter® and MCI® CorShield® and even allowed visitors to try coating rebar with CorrVerter® for themselves. Afternoons included intense MCI® classroom training with Jessi Meyer (VP of Sales, MCI®/Asia).

We appreciate the excitement of engineers in Latin America who are determined to make MCI® a familiar technology for extending concrete service life in their own nations. It was a pleasure to spend time with them, and we know that their investments in Cortec® training will be a cornerstone for the growth of MCI® business in Latin America!

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