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AustraliaBiodegradable Plastics Australia Standard [ 106.9 KB]
AustraliaBiodegradable plastics- Biodegradable plastics suitable for composting and other microbial treatment; Australian Standard®; AS4736-2006 [ 119.17 KB]
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AustraliaHave a Corrosion Headache? Take a Pill Featured in The Australian Pipeliner Magazine !
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AustraliaThe Shrink Wrap Impervious to Anything Nature Can Inflict
AustraliaTHREE PHASE PROTECTIONNEW additive for water-based and other aerosol formulations.Protects against in-can corrosion without the use of special internal coatings or the risk of altering formulations [ 47.37 KB]
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AustraliaVapour Phase Corrosion Emitters Featured in Australian Pipeliner Magazine! [ 595.72 KB]