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27, 2nd Cross, 10th Main Rd
Indiranagar II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka State, 560 038

Office: +91 80 41154741
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2015 Cortec® India Sales Meeting -Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Incorporation! [ 472.22 KB]
Anti-Corrosion Paint Remover!
Anti-corrosion paint removers
BioCorr®: Strong on Corrosion, Gentle on Nature Featured in Coatings and Anti Corrosion Magazine! [ 1333.9 KB]
Bionetix International Helps Treat Wastewater Featured in Engineering Review Magazine!
Bolt Joint Pipe Preservation [ 144.93 KB]
Breakthrough in Temporary Rust Preventive Technology Featured in Masterbuilder Magazine! [ 410.62 KB]
CASE HISTORY #543: Preservation of Brake Adaptors for International Export [ 361.27 KB]
CASE HISTORY #544: Assembly Part Preservation [ 294.32 KB]
CASE HISTORY VpCI®-126, 146, 377, 388, 419, 609 [ 321.3 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Dry Protection of Fuel Tanks [ 300.7 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Flow Meter Components Preservation [ 299.69 KB]
CASE HISTORY: MALCO Pipeline Preservation [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Parts Preservation [ 279.25 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Preservation of HRSG Tubes at BSES Power Plant [ 443.14 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Preservation of Screw Compressor Air-End Parts for Export [ 301.45 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Pump Part Preservation [ 0 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Restoration of Pump Housings for Export [ 328.76 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Restoration of Rejected Valve Inserts [ 411.99 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Safely Cleaning And Preserving Parts [ 125.57 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Small Gear In-Process Preservation [ 178.51 KB]
CASE HISTORY: Small Gear Preservation [ 219.09 KB]
Coatings for Metalworking Industries Featured in IPF Online Magazine!
Compatibility & Interactions between Cathodic Protection and a Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor [ 418.1 KB]
Corrosion Protection for Metals
Cortec now Offers Custom Perforations Featured in Industrial India Magazine!
Cortec Super Penetrant Featured in IPF Magazine!
Cortec Corrosion Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Cortec Corrosion Solutions!
Cortec® Increases Visibility at Caterpillar-India Corrosion Conference
Cortec Introduces Nitrite-Free VCI
Cortec Launches Logical Solution for Aboveground Storage Tanks Featured in IPF Magazine!
Cortec Lithium EP Grease Offers Longer Lubrication Featured in Construction Update Magazine!
Cortec Protect Against Corrosion - Protecting Your Assets and Profits Featured in Master Builder Magazine! [ 371.96 KB]
Cortec Releases Bio-Based EcoLine ELP Lubricant Featured in IPF Magazine!
Cortec Unveils Clear Water-Based Removable Coating with Corrosion Properties Featured in Chemical Market Magazine
Cortec Vpci Shrink Film Featured in Equipment India!
Cortec VpCI Technology [ 314.49 KB]
Cortec VPCI-645 Featured in IPF! [ 255.68 KB]
Cortec® Ecoshield® Super Barrier Paper and Linerboard Featured in PSA Magazine!
Cortec® Middle East Gears up zo Support Drilling Companies For Rig Stacking! [ 129.52 KB]
Cortec® New Shrink Films Brochure Now Available Featured in Engineering Review! [ 175.81 KB]
Cortec® Releases Biobased EcoLine® ELP Featured in Indian Textile Journal!
Cortec® VpCI®-649 BD Fights Corrosion, Scale, and Odor in Closed Loop Systems, Pipelines, Tanks, and More Featured in Construction Technology Magazine! [ 1388.47 KB]
Cortec's New EcoAir® Mold Release Featured in IPF Magazine!
Cortec® India Celebrates Triple-Digit Growth during First Annual Conference! [ 147.85 KB]
Cortec Simplifies Equipment Protection with VpCI-391 Featured in Indian Textile Magazine
Doing business in India [ 1250.03 KB]
EcoAir Corrosion Control Spray
EcoCortec® Builds a New Facility to Boost Manufacturing
Evaluation of VCI Films from India [ 273.55 KB]
Hello Moisture Free Packaging Featured in IPF Online Magazine!
High-Tech Protector for Electrical and Electronic Devices Featured in CT Magazine! [ 734.16 KB]
How to turn Outdoor Storage Space into a Safe Haven for Metal Preservation Featured in Coatings Magazine!
Hydro-Testing Equipment Preservation [ 322.61 KB]
Introducing a water-based corrosion inhibitor additive Featured in World of Chemicals Magazine
India Sales Meeting, October 2013 [ 272.46 KB]
Join Us For Cortec's 2016 Asia Sales & Strategy Meeting In Shanghai, China! [ 266.22 KB]
MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film Featured in IPF Magazine!
MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film Featured in Equipment India Magazine!
MCI Technology to Preserve War Ravaged Monuments Featured in IPF Online Magazine!
Moisture Barrier Paper to Replace PE & Wax Coated Papers Featured in IPF Online!
New Biodegradable Coatings for Corrosion Protection
New economical environmentally safe corrosion inhibitor for multiple applications
Port Container Handling Cranes Preservation [ 582.21 KB]
Premium Cortec® M-540 Additive Enables Bio-Based and Ester-Based Greases to Pass Rust Prevention Test in 5% Seawater Featured in Construction Technology Magazine!
Protection of Defense Equipment During Storage and Shipment [ 184.91 KB]
Research Paper on Biobased Anti-Corrosion Coatings To Be Presented at EuroCorr 2017 by Cortec® Corporation Featured in Construction Technology Magazine! [ 1032.08 KB]
Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
Successful CORCON-2015 Leads The Way For Corrosion Control Bureau Of India! [ 260.38 KB]
The Cost of Corrosion!
Using Nature to Clean Oil Spills on its Own Surf and Turf Featured in IPF Magazine!
VpCI-132 Featured in Indian Textile Journal! [ 419.5 KB]