It’s Not Too Early to Prepare Aquaculture Solutions for the Southern Hemisphere Summer!

September 8, 2020

Fish cages on top view; fish cages in the river, Thailand

While it is about to get cooler at Cortec® and Bionetix® headquarters in North America, it is about to get warmer for many of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. That means it is time to start thinking about spring and summer aquaculture solutions to help golf courses, fish farms, and landscapers keep ponds cleaner and promote the health of aquatic species!

For those regions where the water is still cold from winter, BCP655can help get out-of-balance organic nitrogen and ammonia levels under control. This microbial blend works even in cooler spring temperatures and can use oxygen from nitrite/nitrate for respiration even when free dissolved oxygen levels are low, as is often the case for ponds in early spring.

As the water warms up, BCP54is a great way to tackle nutrient pollution (the cause of algae growth), odors, and sludge buildup to maintain better water quality throughout the summer. The biologicals in BCP54also reduce cloudiness and encourage suspended solids to settle, making the water clearer. For the further benefit of fish in an ornamental pond or aquaculture lagoon, AQUA-FEEDcan be used as a probiotic to enhance the quality of fish feed and promote a healthier fish population overall.

It’s not too early to get ready for warmer temps south of the equator. Contact us today for further assistance on working toward cleaner ponds and healthier fish this spring and summer:!

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