Layup of Various Types of Power Plants

June 25, 2020

There are seven major types of power plants that can benefit from corrosion prevention                      during periods of layup:
• Coal
• Diesel Power
• Gas Turbine
• Nuclear
• Hydroelectric
• Oil Fired
• Biomass

A power plant converts thermal energy (steam generator) into mechanical energy (steam turbine) and finally into electrical energy (generator). The heat source used to convert water into steam is derived from many sources such as nuclear, coal, gas, biomass, geothermal, and gas turbine exhaust to name the most common. The Balance of Plant (BOP) is common to all power plants and consists of turbines, generators, electrical controls, water systems, pumps, associated piping, and valves.

Major Systems
• Steam Systems
• Steam Generator (boiler or HRSG)
• Reheaters
• Piping
• Valves
• Pumps
• Feedwater/Condensate
• Cooling Water System
• Main Condenser
• Main Circulating Pump

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