MCI® EcoRainbow® Architectural Coating

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Description: MCI® Architectural Coating is a unique, water-based primer/topcoat designed to provide protection in harsh, outdoor applications. MCI® Architectural Coating provides three main benefits: - acts as a sealer, preventing penetration of water, chloride ingress, and carbonation of the concrete; - provides a source of corrosion inhibitors to protect embedded reinforcement and other metals; - shows excellent adhesion properties to concrete; - improves the appearance of buildings and structural elements when applied. MCI® Architectural Coating is superior to other coatings containing inorganic pigments because its resistance has been improved by replacing pigments and metal oxides with more effective corrosion inhibitors. The special combination of additives provides a composite polymer barrier that significantly prolongs the service life of reinforced concrete, protecting both concrete and reinforcement from corrosive electrolytes and aggressive environments.

Contains Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors®

  • Fast-drying
  • UV resistant when cured
  • Forms non-flammable, protective barrier
  • Optimal outdoor performance
  • Available in standard and custom colors
  • Has excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, masonry,copper, plastic, sealers, etc
Package:5 gallon (19 liter) pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums, liquid totes and bulk.
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