Bionetix® Biologicals Maintain Portable Toilets without Harsh Chemicals

July 22, 2021

No matter how convenient it can be to have a portable toilet at an event or onboard a boat, bus, or RV, the fact is that the resulting odor can become inconvenient before long. To ward off bad smells, hide waste and debris that lie beneath the surface, and keep waste under control, Bionetix® International’s PORTA TREAToffers a safer, more natural way to manage portable toilet tanks in place of traditional formaldehyde or chemical disinfectants.

PORTA-TREATis powered by a multi-spore blend of microorganisms that, when activated by water, begin to digest organic wastes, greases, oils, undissolved soap residue, and paper in portable toilets and holding tanks. Deodorization is fast acting and leaves a fresh fragrance behind. All components in PORTA-TREATare readily biodegradable and the product has no adverse effects on waste or sewage treatment plants. It can be used in many places:
• Portable Toilets
• Holding Tanks
• RV/Marine Toilets
• Public Transportation Toilets
• Aircraft Toilets

PORTA-TREATis easy to apply. Simply toss a watersoluble pouch or pour a dose of liquid PORTA-TREATinto the portable toilet tank after cleaning and let the microorganisms and fragrance go to work digesting and deodorizing the waste. For extra fragrance and a deeper blue color, use PORTA-TREATP PLUS.

Learn more about PORTA-TREATtoday:

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