EcoLine® Biobased Greases for Offshore Applications

July 27, 2021

Moving parts, wire ropes, bearings, drill rods, and other metal-to-metal contact points are abundant on offshore platforms and oceangoing vessels. While greases are needed to reduce friction, they also provide a natural physical barrier to deter corrosion in harsh offshore environments. To meet these needs in an environmentally responsible manner, offshore maintenance crews can replace petroleum-based lubricants with Cortec® EcoLine® greases, which are sustainably sourced and recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as those near waterways.* Three EcoLine® greases in particular have
special relevance to offshore applications.

EcoLine® Wire Rope Grease is ideal for the miles of wire rope used for towing, hoisting, and more on an offshore platform or drill ship. Routine grease application helps keep these ropes in good condition and protects them from wear and corrosion during active use or layup. EcoLine® Wire Rope Grease contains 83% USDA certified biobased content and is considered good for salt spray, marine conditions. It comes in NLGI grades 0 or 1.

EcoLine® Drill Rod Grease is specifically recommended for drill rods and application to wet surfaces. It contains extreme pressure additives for excellent friction and wear protection where constant drilling vibration creates a high load on drilling rod joints. EcoLine® Drill Rod Grease contains 82% USDA certified biobased content and can be used almost anywhere an NLGI grade 1, 2, or 3 grease is needed.

EcoLine® Bio-based Grease powered by Nano VpCI® is an excellent choice where an extra boost of corrosion protection is deemed necessary, as during extended layup. This multipurpose grease is formulated with vegetable oils, lithium-based thickener, extreme pressure additives, and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that can protect metals in hard-to-reach spaces. It contains 86% USDA certified biobased content and can be used in NLGI grade 3 applications.

These biobased innovations serve an important function with the advantage of being renewably sourced and presenting a lower risk of pollution than
traditional greases if spilled. If you are looking for more sustainable options for offshore lubrication, be sure to make an inventory of your needs today and contact us to discuss your EcoLine
® grease options:

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*It is always important to ensure that use and disposal of all materials is in accordance with local guidelines.

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