EcoLine® ELP Video Now Available!

September 16, 2021

Those looking for innovative biobased, biodegradable products for themselves
or their customers can now take advantage of a 21 second video to learn more
about EcoLine
® ELP and share it with others! The video was made by Cortec®
Middle East and is a simple way to pique interest in an unfamiliar product
quickly and concisely.

EcoLine® ELP is a biodegradable soy-based product that can be used for
all-purpose lubrication, such as quieting squeaky hinges and moving parts.
Although its primary use is basic lubrication, the video also mentions its
potential application for tapping, penetration, corrosion protection, and
loosening rusty bolts.

Watch and share the new video here:

Keywords: Cortec, lubricant, biobased, biodegradable, Cortec Middle East, lubrication, squeaky hinges, moving parts, all purpose lubricant, biobased
alternatives, general maintenance products, green chemistry

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