One Water-Soluble Film-Many Uses!

May 12, 2021

EcoSol®water-soluble film is a creative, practical solution to packaging items that will be applied to a waterfilled or high moisture environment. Bags, sachets, or pouches created from EcoSol® dissolve in minutes after being placed in water, releasing the contents to do their work. This technology has multiple benefits for a wide variety of applications:

• Concrete additives
• Agricultural products
• Hospital laundry
• Powder detergents
• Pigments
• Water treatment products
• And more!

Eliminate the Guesswork
When products are prepacked in EcoSol® bags, it eliminates the guesswork needed to dose the products. For example, rather than having to carefully measure a concrete admixture, users can simply toss the correct number of pre-dosed EcoSol® pouches into the concrete mix as noted on individual product instructions.

Hands-Off Dosing
Another advantage of EcoSol® is hands-off application. Since the contents of the pouch are not released until the EcoSol® dissolves in water, workers can apply the product without having to directly touch the chemicals or other items inside the pouch. This is also great for hospitals or industrial laundry applications where soiled linens have been collected in EcoSol® bags, allowing the entire bag to be thrown into the washer without having to touch the laundry inside.

If you know someone who could benefit from this versatile water-soluble packaging solution, contact us today for more details:

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