Competitive Product Technical Reports

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 03-210 Evaluating the Protection on Sterling Silver Tubes from 3M Silver Protector Strips and Cortec VpCI SilverBrite Papers
Ace Kote
 10-091 Comparing VpCI-325 and Ace Kote on Clutch Plates
Advanced Fluid Technologies
 15-289 Humidity Testing of BioCorr and VpCI-377 Versus Competitive RP Products
 12-081 Evaluation of AGIP ALISMA 32 PV
Aicello, Boselon
 00-032 Evaluation and Comparison of Boselon, Daubert and Northern Instruments VCI Films and SKS VCI Paper with Cortec VCI Film and Paper
 03-039 Evaluating Aicello Boselon 205 film
 07-321 Evaluating anticorrosion properties of film, part 2
 11-132 Evaluation of VCI bags for Auto Part Protection
 18-082 Evaluation of "Boselon" by Aicello Film Sample
19-124 Comparing Aicello Film to VpCI-126
 Corrosion Protection Evaluation Of Flexible Packaging Materials , Prof. Fritz Yambrach, Rochester Institute of Technology
 Cortec® Group Controls Largest VCI Market Share!
 The Journal of Science and Engineering, Corrosion: Efficacy of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology in Manufacturing ; B. Miksic, R. Boyle, B. Wuertz, Corrosion, Vol. 60, No. 6, June 2004
AllStar Chemical
 11-147 Evaluating Rust Preventive Systems for Mursix
 15-253 Evaluating BioCorr and ALMCO 506R Rust Preventive for Parts from Boker's, Inc.
 14-263 Evaluation of Unknown Blue Film
 10-032 Comparing VpCI-322 and VpCI-329 to Rust Preventive Oils Used by Customer
 09-189 Comparing Rust Preventive Liquids for a Driveshaft Company
 10-216 Comparing Rust Preventives for Customer
 11-XXX Evaluating Rust Preventive Options for Parts
 14-241 Evaluation of Fuch's Anticorit MKR
 15-138 Evaluation of Fuchs Anticorit UNI-FI Film Compared to Cortec's VpCI-126 film
 17-211 Comparing AntiCorit SL 7017D with VpCI-369D and Ecoline 3690
 Impact of Traditional vs New BioBased Rust-Preventative Temporary Coatings
 10-124 Evaluation of Blue Film from Apak
 13-011 APEC Film Evaluation
 06-126 Evaluating unknown blue colored films
 06-170 Evaluation of Cortec products for Cummins
 07-170 Evaluation of an Armor Produced Film
 07-215 Evaluation of Armor Foam
 07-270 Comparing anticorrosion properties of Daubert and Armor films with VpCI-126
 07-271 Evaluating Various Protection Methods for Copper Tubing from Erico International
 07-37 Evaluating Met Pro VCI-new formulation
 08-035 Evaluating Packaging Systems for Metal Flow
 10-039 Supplement to: Evaluation of Competitor Armor's Crusade film vs Cortec 126 UV Film -- on Film UV Stability
 10-206 Evaluation of Armor Poly VCI AN-OX Film
 10-228 Evaluating Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging Systems for Customer
 11-094 Evaluating Packaging Systems
 11-197 Evaluation of Armor and Crusader Films
 12-021 Evaluation of Armor Film
 12-022 Comparing BioCorr to Various Rust Preventive Fluids used for Transmissions
 12-064 Evaluating Packaging Systems for Customer
 12-156 Evaluation of Armor Poly VCI and Laddawn Films
 13-015 Evaluation of Blue Film
 13-039 Comparing VpCI Packaging Films for Customer
 13-208 Evaluating Corrosion Preventive Systems for Customer
 13-261 Armor Film Evaluation
 13-265 Comparing Armor film to VpCI-126
 14-023 Armor Blue Shrink Poly Film with UV Compared to VpCI-126 HPUV-Part 2 Comparing UV Protection
 14-023 Armor Blue Shrink Poly Film with UV Compared to VpCI-126 HPUV-Part 3 Comparing UV Protection
 14-043 Evaluation of Armor Film
 14-107 Comparing Rust Preventive Systems for Customer
 15-109 Brake Pad Housings
 15-119 Comparing Defender Paper and Film with VpCI-126 and VpCI-146
 15-221 Comparison of Armor Multi-Metal VCI Film, Cortec VpCI-126 Film, and Cortec Cor-Pak EX Film
 16-256 Evaluation of Corrosion Protection Properties of Armor Film used by Customer
 18-103 Armor Film Evaluation
 18-103 Armor Film Evaluation
 18-187 Evaluation of Armor and Zerust Film Compared to VpCI-126 Film
 18-197 Evaluation of Armor Film Compared to VpCI-126 Film
 19-011 Comparison Testing Armor Film-VpCI-126
19-045 Comparing Competitor Film and Cardboard Emitters to VpCI-126 film and BioPad
19-156 Evaluation of Armor Film
19-187 Corrosion Testing for Our Customer
 Failed Competitor Test Supports Changeover to VpCI®-126 Film
Atlantic Corporation
 06-234 Evaluating film distributed by Atlantic Corporation
Australian Challenge
 02-129 Evaluating Australian Challenge Corrosion Inhibitor Film
 11-102 Sealer Comparison
 11-206 Sealer Penetration Depth Comparison
 16-270 Evaluation of RheoCrete 222 + as Rust Preventative Concrete Admixture and DYNA Hardener as Rust Remover
Benz Oil
 08-246 Comparing Benz Oil to Various Cortec Rust Preventatives
 09-222 Comparing Pipe Thread Coatings for Customer
 13-146 Evaluation of Bianchi Blue Film
Bio Bag
 06-006 Evaluating/Comparing mechanical properties of compostable films
 06-037 Determining the amount of biobased (renewable resource) content in "BioBag" film
 06-112 Determining the amount of biobased (renewable resource) content in "BioSak" film
Birchwood Casey
 05-114 Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors to Replace Birchwood Casey's Product
Black Oxide Coating