Substation Preservation - Corrosion Prevention

January 7, 2021

Electrical substations are naturally vulnerable to corrosion because of their exposure to the open atmosphere in all types of climates and conditions. Every piece of equipment in the substation is susceptible to corrosion, including steel and reinforced concrete structures. Whether during operation or layup, taking appropriate steps to protect each component will support the longest possible service life to avoid downtime and delay the need for repairs and replacement. This Cortec® guide outlines the basic preventative maintenance and preservation efforts that can be made to promote the longer life of these critical assets.

Basic Equipment:

• Support structures
• Structural steel
• Concrete foundations
• Transformers
• Oil system
• Oil coolers
• Busbars
• Fans
• Fan motors
• Structure
• Circuit breakers
• Switches
• Distribution panel

Product Recommendation and Application
Structural steel (rusted condition)
• Remove rust without mechanically cleaning

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