The Easy Remedy to Minimize Corrosion Service Calls on Electronics

May 4, 2021

How many junction boxes, PCBs, electric motors, and other electricals and electronics do your clients have? Furthermore, how often do these components need servicing or replacement due to corrosion?

While we may not know the exact numbers, two things we do know are that (1) these components are integral to running equipment and everyday operations, and (2) corrosion can cut their lifetime short and require more frequent maintenance and repairs, especially in outdoor and marine conditions. Fortunately, there is an easy remedy to minimize corrosion service calls and maximize equipment service life by cleaning and protecting electricals/electronics with ElectriCorrVpCI®- 238 and ElectriCorrVpCI®-239.

ElectriCorrVpCI®-238 and ElectriCorrVpCI®-239 are spray can solutions that make it easy to clean off grime or other contaminants—sometimes even corrosion—with a quick spray and wipe. Once the surface is clean and ready to preserve, another light spray of ElectriCorrcan be applied and left to dry for one to two hours to form a thin clear protective film to fight corrosion—during operation or an extended preservation
period. ElectriCorr
VpCI®-238 is ideal for indoor or enclosed environments where more vapor-phase corrosion protection may be needed on recessed areas inside an electrical cabinet or panel. ElectriCorrVpCI®-239 is typically recommended for harsher applications (e.g., outdoors, marine environments) or exposed (i.e., not enclosed) electricals.

ElectriCorrVpCI®-238 and ElectriCorrVpCI®-239 are easy to use and effective, making them a clear choice for cleaning and corrosion protection of vulnerable electricals and electronics. This conclusion made, the next step is to alert your clients to these convenient options and contact Cortec® for a fresh stock! Get in touch today at:

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