Try Cortec® Removable Coatings for Transit Protection

June 4, 2021

Transit is a critical time for newly manufactured equipment. Piping, machinery, and structural steel is often at higher risk for corrosion when passing through unpredictable weather conditions on the back of a flatbed truck or inside a semi or shipping container where the temperature and humidity is not controlled. To make matters worse, corroded metals can lead to rejection, returns, and rust claims by the customer.
While VpCI
® packaging can be a great option for transit, some situations may be better off using a temporary coating that can be applied before shipment and removed by the end user. Here are some great options worth considering!

• VpCI®-391 is one of our most popular removable coatings. It is water-based and dries to a thin, clear film, so it is virtually unnoticeable over painted surfaces. This is great for transporting new fire trucks or other heavy equipment without obscuring the original paint job.
• CorShield
® VpCI®-368 is another great option for temporary protection during transit. It can be coated onto vulnerable components of high dollar manufactured components and sent along with VpCI®-414 cleaner as a complete kit for removal by the end user.
• CorShield
® VpCI®-369 is an oil-based temporary coating that provides extreme corrosion protection in aggressive environments and is one of our most popular wet film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.
• VpCI
®-372 is a water-based coating that can be sprayed onto metal equipment and peeled off when no longer need.
• VpCI
®-389 is another water-based coating that dries clear and can be sprayed onto metal components to leave an unnoticeable protective film during transit.

Next time you hear of someone looking for corrosion protection during transit, be sure to suggest taking one of Cortec’s removable coatings along for the ride! Contact us to learn more specifics about each option: https://www.

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