Unique Uses of MCI®-309 for Construction Applications

November 5, 2020

The most common use of MCI®-309 is as an easy method of corrosion protection for post-tension (PT) stands placed in PT ducts that await grouting. This is a great solution for bridges that experience delays because it is easy to apply and often does not need to be removed before grouting. The good news is that MCI®-309 is useful and valuable for a variety of other unique construction applications, as well, such as tubular structures, interior cavities, or structural voids where ferrous and aluminum metals need protection from corrosion.

A good example of the versatility of MCI®-309 is its use on a project at the Round Butte Reservoir. The project required a floating pump station that would pump cold water from the bottom of the reservoir to the top of the reservoir, where salmon fingerlings were being introduced and needed to be kept cool. The pumps were supported on a number of steel flex-float tanks. Rather than paint the inside of the float tanks because of the expense, MCI®-309 was fogged into the interior cavities to provide protection against corrosion in an environment where 2% moisture content was expected. MCI®-309 not only provided a cost-effective option, but the customer, specifier, and contractor were all pleased with how easy it was to apply.

As can be seen by this unique application, MCI®-309 is a versatile product offering corrosion protection in many difficult to reach voids—from PT ducts to pump station float tanks to floating dock gates, and much more! If you have a construction project that involves a difficult to reach void space like one of these, be sure to contact us today to discuss the possibility of using MCI®-309 to solve your corrosion concerns: https://www.cortecmci.com/contact-us/.

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