Updated Cooling Water Layup Guide Now Available!

September 15, 2020

We are excited to announce that our product line guide for cooling water layup has recently been updated and is now available through Cortec® Technical Services! This is a great reference tool for anyone helping with layup of closed loop or open evaporative cooling water systems. Users can see at a glance what products are available, whether they are for use in open or closed loop systems (or both), what size of system they treat, and what their dosages are.

A key benefit of the guide is its explanation of layup methods. For wet layup, the system is preserved before it is shut down; it is then maintained at normal water level for the duration of the layup. In dry layup, preservation is done after the systems have been shut down and fully drained. Wet-dry layup involves adding product to a filled system, circulating it for a day or two, then shutting it down and draining it either fully or partially. The chart identifies three products designated for wet layup, one product for dry layup, and three products for wet-dry layup.

The cooling water layup product line guide is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in applying Cortec® corrosion solutions to industrial cooling water systems. Contact us for more information about these products and to get a copy of the guide yourself: https://www.cortecwatertreatment.com/contact-us/!

For a PDF version please click here.