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Aluminum-rich Coating With Patented VpCI® Boosts Outdoor Corrosion Resistance Download in Word format
January 23, 2002 For Immediate Release

Company Contact:
Cliff Cracuaer
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
[email protected]
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Tomas Gardebring
Blue Leopard Inc.
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASEAluminum-rich Coating With Patented VpCI® Boosts Outdoor Corrosion Resistance

Cortec® VpCI® 386 Aluminum-rich Coating provides a new alternative to outdoor paints and zinc-rich primers. The coating offers similar anti-corrosion protection in severe, outdoor applications while providing a non-toxic and non-flammable formulation. It can be used for a variety of metals including steels, aluminum, and copper.

The new aluminum-rich coating is based on a complex mixture of organic inhibitors and aluminum pigments. To dramatically boost the corrosion resistance compared to outdoor paints, other aluminum-rich primers and zinc-rich primers, the coating is supplied in two parts. Part A as a clear latex coating and part B as an aluminum paste. The paste allows a high density of aluminum to protect against corrosive electrolytes and aggressive environments.

To further enhance its anti-corrosion ability, Cortec® patented VpCI® has been blended into the formulation. Their unique vapor phase action enable VpCIs to immediately supplement any area under corrosive attack. They are self-replenishing to provide long term protection. Laboratory test data show that the coating provides over 1000 hours of protection for steel and aluminum in a humidity chamber and 1000 hours of protection for aluminum in a salt-spray chamber with over 300 hours protection for steel.

In addition to its excellent anti-corrosion capability in outdoor applications, Cortec® VpCI® 386 Aluminum-rich Coating offers an extended thermal stability range of -40oF to +400oF (-40oC to 204oC). For optimal outdoor performance, the coating incorporates excellent UV characteristic. The coating provides exceptional anti-abrasion qualities, making it easily adaptable to steel grating walkways, decking and other applications where abrasion and wear are common

Cortec® VpCI® 386 Aluminum-rich Coating can be applied using conventional manual and spray methods. A thixotropic material, it is resistant sagging and running. Its fast drying properties allow a dry-to-touch film in 30 to 60 minutes.

Photo: High resolution photo tif of a Cortec® VpCI® 386 Aluminum Coating available. Please contact Tomas Gardebring at Blue Leopard: [email protected] .

Company Description:
Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.

Cortec Website: www.CortecVCI.com    Phone: 1-800-426-7832   FAX: (651) 429-1122