Life 365 How-to Guide Ð new version now available


It's finally here! The official 1.0.0 version of the Life 365, service life prediction model, is now available on the Cortec web site, Check the Cortec® MCI® section.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the software, the Life 365 model contains input values for CNI (calcium nitrite), Rheocrete and epoxy coated rebar. Just input the values for any particular project to calculate an estimated service life of the structure with the various treatments.

So, once you have the software, how do you use it to show the benefits of Cortec® MCI® products? The parameters that you need to change in the Life-365 model are as follows:

  1. Run a "base case" input all mix design parameters and any other needed information.
  2. Write down the D28 value for the base case, as well as the total cost.
  3. Go into "user defined"
  4. Type MCI-2005 (or MCI-2006) and hit "add".
  5. Type in the total cost--add about $16 for the cost of the MCI to the total cost for the base case and use this value for the total.
  6. Change the D28 to match the base case value.
  7. Change the Ct to 0.18%.
  8. Change the propagation period to 30 years. The model uses a default value of 6 years for the propagation period. According to ASTM: G109 testing, MCI-2005 decreases the corrosion rate about 5 times less than the control, so it would take 5 times longer during the propagation period to your first repair, thus the 30 year propagation period. MCI-2006 decreases the corrosion rate 12-15 times that of the control, so you would want to use 72-90 years for your propagation period.
  9. Click "okay" and save the changes.
  10. Run the program the same as you would otherwise from here.