MCI® Still Controlling Corrosion After Fourteen Years

   The latest readings, taken in November 2000, show MCI-2000 is still a strong presence in the Randolph Street bridge in St. Paul, Minnesota. MN-DOT applied Cortec® MCI-2000 in an overlay on the westbound lanes in 1986, while the eastbound lanes were left MCI-free as a control.

Test methods used included gas chromatography, copper/copper sulfate half-cell, Gecor 6 readings, and chloride content measurements. Chloride content was used to predict the corrosion initiation of the rebar in the bridge. Based on the analyses, it is estimated that the control side will reach initiation in 2005 and the MCI treated side will reach initiation in 2022.

Also, the MCI treated side had zero readings indicating that corrosion was occurring, and overall the readings were 40% lower than those taken on the control side. The test data was collected by the Minnesota department of transportation in 1986 through 1990, by Virginia Tech researchers in 1991 and 1992, and by American Engineering Testing and Cortec Corporation employees in November of 2000.