Beans Against Rust: EcoLine Wins

By Dan Lemke

Excerpts from a recent article in an AURI newsletter: Cortec Corporation has been a worldwide leader in supplying environmentally conscious companies with products that work. Cortec is avidly pursuing the utilization of biodegradable vegetable oils, such as soybean derivatives. The company's scientists recently completed tests using soy methyl esters as ingredients in several products — cutting oils, lubricants, protectants and cleaners. AURI and the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council helped fund the research.

Results of the study, completed in January, were encouraging. “Our Ecoline Soya-based products provided good lubricity and biodegradability,” says chemist Rita Kharshan, manager of research and development. “The biodegradability allows us to replace mineral oils with soy,” adds Art Ahlbrecht, vice president of research and development. “Mineral oils are difficult to dispose of and every manufacturing company is worried about what goes out of their plant.”