New Products

by Dr. Margarita Kharshan, R&D ManagerWorld of Anti-corrosion Additives

It is well known that Cortec's M series products are effective anti-corrosion additives that can be used for different applications.

M-640 L

M-640 L is an excellent addition to Cortec's line of additives. This is a liquid version of M-640 powder. Both products are corrosion inhibiting additives for water/ethylene glycol engine heat exchanger fluids. For customers who prefer to use liquids, M-640 L will provide excellent multimetal protection. This product contains a unique combination of contact and vapor phase inhibitors, which help to prevent corrosion even in partially filled spaces.

Engine antifreeze/coolants treated with the recommended concentration of M-640 L will pass ASTM D-1384-87 (Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware).

Unlike many conventional products, M-640 L does not contain phosphates nor nitrites.

M-640 L is also silicate-free. Silicates have a tendency to precipitate from the solution and clog filters.

M-380 and M-119 - Synergistic Effect

You may already be familiar with these two anti-corrosion additives for coatings. M-119 has been in Cortec's product line for several years. M-380 was introduced in an earlier newsletter. Both products are very effective additives to coatings. It was shown that for some carboxylic primers, such at latex-based products, a blend of M-380 and M-119 (2:1) in small concentrations greatly improved for the anti-corrosion properties. The addition of 2% M-380 and 1% M-119 to such coatings increased protection time in salt spray environments from 160 hours for untreated coatings to 800 hours for treated. In addition, these additives will not increase the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) level in the final coating as they are water-based. Also, important coating properties of such as adhesion, flexibility, etc. will remain unchanged.

News in the Surface Preparation Area

VCI-418 Cleaner/Degreaser for High-pressure Spray Washers

If you have difficulties finding a good cleaner for heavy hydrocarbons, greases, and machinery oils for power-washing machinery or high-pressure spray washers, we recommend that you use VCI-418. Non-foaming with a unique cleaning action, and safe to use on glass and most plastics, VCI-418 is the best choice for high-pressure applications. In addition, VCI-418 contains a corrosion inhibiting package for multimetal protection, which prevents flash rust on metals (usually appears right after cleaning) and provides several weeks of protection.

Metal parts treated with VCI-418 can be painted without any adhesion problems.

VCI-415 Aircraft Cleaner

We are proud to announce our very new alkaline cleaner, which conforms to established specifications for aircraft cleaners. VCI-415 is a heavy-duty water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser offering unique multimetal corrosion protection for up to 6 months (indoor storage). VCI-415 can be effectively used on aircrafts for cleaning and protection, on machinery contaminated with oils, metal parts contaminated with stamping, drawing and buffing compounds.

VCI-415 is VOC-free and environmentally friendly.

VCI-411 and VCI-411 Gel

These two new cleaners/degreasers are excellent additions to Cortec's line of biodegradable products. They are both based on D-Limonene, which is the hydrocarbon extract from orange and lemon peels. Because of their similar nature to hydrocarbons,

D-Limonene-based cleaners act very similarly to hydrocrabon solvents, removing greases, parafins, and waxes.

VCI-411 is a microemulsion of D-Limonene with water and contains corrosion inhibitors. This product is a clear liquid which can be diluted with water up to 1:20 and will still stay clear. This is a great feature of this product. Other D-Limonene-based cleaners give milky white emulsions when diluted with water. They also leave residue on metals after application.

VCI-411 Gel is a thixotropic version of VCI-411, designed to remove heavy oils and grease from vertical surfaces and hard to reach areas. Both of these products also will remove waxy temporary coatings such as Cortec's VCI-368.

VCI-411 and VCI-411 Gel have a very pleasant odor, are non-toxic and user-friendly.

MCI® Packaging Product

A new economical film was developed for the construction sector. This film is manufactured from reprocessed VCI plastic and VCI masterbatch. The new film provides excellent contact and vapor phase protection, and is covered by a recently issued patent (US #5,855,975, VCI film made from recycled resin).

The film is designed for interleaving between insulating materials, such as polystyrene foam and roofing materials (fluted roof deck, concrete or wood).

Protective coatings on fasteners are usually damaged when going through the roofing materials. The area where fasteners come into contact with the roofing material is an area where corrosion usually starts. This new MCI film will eliminate this problem.