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CorrLube(tm) Motor Oils are ultra high performance motor oils with outstanding anticorrosion properties. These oil formulations were recently certified by API (American Petroleum Institute) under SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity grades:10W-30 and 15W-40. These products are designed specifically for gasoline and diesel engines of cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, ships, tractors, off road equipment and other infrequently used vehicles or engines.

Typical petroleum motor oils contain a blend of additives, which are useful in providing additional lubricating functions, and promoting engine cleanliness. But even the finest products do not contain our VpCI(tm) technology. VpCI(tm) technology is necessary in order to prevent engines corrosion caused by acidic and atmospheric condensates during running and storage time.

It was a major challenge for our lab to develop a proper functioning VpCI(tm) oil additive formulation. But, we finally did it. It's interesting to note that our challenge included several difficult requirements, which were: VpCI(tm)'s must be compatible with both mineral and synthetic based engine oils containing antioxidants, lubricants and surfactants of various chemical complexities. VpCI(tm)'s be thermo-stable under almost endless engine revolutions, before the oil needs to be changed. Because engines contains a number of different metals from 'A' to 'Z' (aluminum to zinc), the corrosion inhibitor for the engine oil must provide true long-term multi-metal protection.

When the new VpCI(tm) formulations were finalized, their performance capabilities were confirmed by numerous laboratory tests such as ASTM D 1748, ASTM D 130, Rust Ball test, High Temperature Bench Corrosion Test, Multimetal High Temperature Corrosion Test and more. Additionally, field tests were performed with both diesel and gasoline engines.

Because engines are subjected to heavy loads and their efficiency and lifetime depends on wear level, the test results prove that continuous use of CorrLube(tm) Motor Oil will significantly protect engines, even better than the best commercial products of Mobil, Castrol "Diesellal" engine oils. (See PDS for further information.)