Why Use VpCI® Paper?

April 9, 2021

Even though VpCI® Paper has been around since early days of VCI technology, it sometimes gets overlooked in the shadow of other exciting rust preventative options such as VpCI® Film. However, that does not mean it is no longer needed or practical. Many companies continue to use vapor corrosion inhibiting paper out of habit or because it is written into their specs. Plus, VpCI® Paper has some natural benefits of its own that should not be forgotten.

1. Cushioning Effect.
VpCI® Paper has a natural cushioning effect that is particularly good for packaging bearings, which come in many different shapes and sizes with critical tolerances or surface finishes that must not be damaged. Wrapping them in VpCI® Paper protects them from corrosion while also cushioning them more than can be done with VpCI® plastic bags alone.

2. Moisture Absorption.
VpCI® Paper also absorbs a degree of humidity and residual moisture, unlike VpCI® Film and Bags. This makes it an excellent option for layering between parts that unavoidably have to be stacked while warmer than they should be, as is sometimes the case. It can also keep a messy situation under control when bearings or parts have oils or greases leaking out.

3. A “Green” Material.
Another advantage of VpCI® Paper is the environmental aspect. First of all, it is made from renewable, and sometimes even recycled, material. In fact, several Cortec® VpCI® Papers are USDA Certified Biobased Products. Secondly, it is typically recyclable, allowing it to be part of a “circular economy” from start to finish for the environmentally conscious user.

The fact remains that different VpCI® materials provide different benefits, and industries should take advantage of this versatility by selecting the choice that is most convenient and appropriate for their metals. More complex, long-term applications often call for a solution such as VpCI® Film or Bags to keep the package airtight, but for short-term applications such as packaging bearings and interleaving various components for shipment, VpCI® Paper may prove to be the more economical and cleaner packaging option for the end user. Be sure to take a closer look at our VpCI® Paper selection today to make the most of your options: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/vpci-papers/

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