THE CORTEC EDGE - Spring 2001

Cor-Pak VpCI(tm) Liner HDPE Film
This new product is a special high-density polyethylene 70-gauge (18 microns) film designed for two specific purposes:

1. Liner film for foam-in-place applications
2. Liner film for protecting parts shipped or tray storage.

Cor-Pak(r) VpCI(tm) Liner Film is exceptionally light and strong, with superior barrier properties, puncture and tear resistance. It can be easily used for wrapping and interleaving applications as well.

Foam-in-Place Cushioning Method

This process was designed for products that are heavy with irregular shapes and in short production runs, which are labor intensive.

Foam-in-Place Packaging Technique
A small amount of liquid is dispersed into the bottom of a container with a mixing gun. As the liquid begins to foam, a sheet of Cor-Pak(r) VpCI(tm) Liner Film is placed over it and the product is place in the center. Another Cor-Pak(r) VpCI(tm) Liner Film sheet is laid over the product, and more liquid is put on the top. The Cor-Pak(r) film is then folded over and the box quickly closed and sealed.

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