THE CORTEC EDGE - Spring 2001

CorrLube(tm) Industrial Gear Oil

CorrLube was designed to surpass all current Gear Oil standards. Today's lubricants must keep expensive equipment running at peak efficiency. This means that even when machines are stressed to maximum performance levels, they must continue to operate smoothly. This is especially true, even in the most difficult environmental scenarios. In addition, they must continue to protect the internal workings from scoring and welding. This is not a simple task, but I believe that we have set a new standard of performance excellence. CorrLube(tm) Industrial gear oil does more than just lubricate, reduce friction and wear. It also provides excellent VpCI(tm) corrosion protection -- while working under high temperature and heavy loads or in long term storage. No one else can legitimately make this claim.

Takes Gear Lubrication To A
New Level of Performance.

Based on our unique blend of polyalphaolefins (PAO) and Ketjenlube polymeresters, CorrLube(tm) Industrial Gear oil provides excellent thermo-oxidative stability, longer service life, neutral seal behavior and superior loading carrying capacity. This product has superior corrosion protection in aggressive environmental conditions. In addition, CorrLube(tm) Industrial Gear oil is environmentally friendly, doesn't contain any VOCs and is mostly biodegradable

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