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E-Mail Alert

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Today, our web site is on schedule to have over 1,000,000 visits this year. As far as we know, it's probably one of the most popluar sites in the industry. Visit us at Along with this electronic explosion we have the ability to communicate with you via e-mail. Our next newsletter will not only be mailed to you but also will be e-mailed. Send your address to us at The following are some of our e-mail addresses.

Anna Vignetti
V.P. Sales & Marketing

Ashish Gandhi
Sales Mgr: Water Treatment & Lay-up

Brenda Nelson
Customer Service Manager

Christophe Chandler
Lab Director

Christie Sullivan
International Co-ordinator

Cliff Cracauer
Tech: Coatings/Metal/Cleaners

Erica Wilaby
Communications Coordinator

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Ivana Borsic
Executive Assistant

Joelle Tegwen
Q.A. Supervisor

John Maher
Sales Mgr: MCI/Construction

Markus Bieber
Sales Mgr: Coatings/Metals/Surf. Prep.

Mike Hobday
Tech: Packaging./Electronics

Samples/Leads Co-ordinator

Tom Nelson
Sales Mgr. Packaging


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