SoyBeans Against Rust
SoyBeans Against Rust

Soy Methyl Esters For Metal protection

The following is a reprint of an article, which is now appearing in several agricultural newsletters.
By Dan Lemke

St. Paul, Minn. In the battle between metal and the elements, Cortec Corporation is bringing in the soybean weapon. Cortec is a global manufacturer and distributor of corrosion-inhibiting products for metals, including coatings, cleaners, foams, films and wrappings. And by using such technologies as Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, Cortec has made it a point to emphasize environmental safety.

Promoting low environmental-impact technologies has been a focus for the past 10 years, says Oleh Artym, Cortec director of communications. We've been a worldwide leader in supplying environmentally conscious companies with products that work. ISO 14001-certified for its low-impact technology, Cortec is avidly pursuing the utilization of biodegradable vegetable oils. The company's scientists recently completed tests using soy

methyl esters as ingredients in several products such as cutting oils, lubricants, protectants and cleaners. AURI and the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council helped fund the research.

Results of the study, completed in January, were encouraging. The soy products provided excellent lubricity and biodegradability, says chemist Rita Kharshan, manager of research and development. The biodegradability allows us to replace mineral oils with soy, adds Art Ahlbrecht, vice president of research and development. Mineral oils are difficult to dispose and every manufacturing company is worried about what goes out of their plant.

Begun in a Hugo, Minn. garage 23 years ago, Cortec now produces more than 400 products used for everything from preserving military equipment and shipping computer components to cleaning and preparing auto parts. Customers include NASA, Ford, General Motors, Motorola and the military.

Cortec estimates corrosion costs American industry and consumers $350 billion each year. Metal products have to be cleaned and often the products used need special handling for disposal, Ahlbrecht says. Our products are better for the environment and leave behind a corrosion protecting layer.

These new Cortec products are based on a renewable resource soybean derivative that will be marketed under the EcoLineTM brand.

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