New Product Release: Eco Film
September 5th, 2000 For Immediate Release
Company Contact:
Oleh Artym
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
Six Month Biodegradable Plastic Film Changes Industrial Packaging Practices

Cortec Corporation introduces a packaging innovation that provides a durable exterior for general wrapping, short term shipping and storing applications. New Ecofilm™ is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Unlike conventional non-degradable packaging, the new bio-film provides a natural disposable method of packaging that will not contaminate natural ecosystems and naturally degrades in outdoor, landfill and compost conditions into harmless carbon and water molecules.

The eco-conscious biopackaging protects against product damage with excellent barrier properties to oxygen, water, and oil. Ecofilm has a 36% greater impact strength over high performance polyolefins and is twice as strong as conventional films such as LDPE and LLDPE. The film is available in stock 36" and 48" single wound sheets at a 2 mil thickness. Before use, when scaled in its own packaging, the film has a one year shelf life. Once removed and put to use, the film lasts up to 6 months before naturally breaking down. When incinerated, it has approximately half the heat combustion and produces less than 2/3 the carbon dioxide compared to conventional polyolefins.

Ecofilm has been tested to be environmentally and application sound with no adverse affects on plant life or living organisms. There is no environmentally damaging production waste or transport of toxic substances in the process of manufacturing Ecofilm. Unlike plastic film made from Polyolefins, the low- impact Ecofilm eliminates harmful residual effects to the environment. Polyolefins contain toxins that leach into groundwater. Conventional plastics break down to small particles remaining in the ground without decomposing. These particles trap essential minerals and nutrients that are necessary for healthy plant growth and reproduction.

Ecofilm can actually be used as a fertilizer. Ecofilm passed the biostandard ASTM 5338 for degradation in a compost. EcoFilm breaks the hazardous chain of toxic production and disposal. It’s America’s answer for shipments to landfill starved Europe and Japan, where non-biodegradable export packaging can be shipped back to the US, at the supplier’s expense, and the environment’s. Practicing "green chemistry", Cortec reduces generations of bio-accumulative substances through the design and manufacture of new "green chemicals" for safer, environmentally friendly solutions for industrial, home office and home use.

Cortec leads traditional markets with products that offer an eco-conscious impact on the environment. According to the EPA, " Pollution prevention is both good business and good for business." Proactive packaging alternatives such as Ecofilm eliminate costly waste disposal for manufacturers and foster sustainable contaminate free communities and Zero Waste Programs. Committed to making everyone’s eco-protected future a reality, Cortec’s contributions to preserving the environment through expanded research and development of ecologically friendly alternatives supports a growing movement of "green" manufacturers.

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Chart 1. Rates of Biodegradability
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Company Description.
Cortec Corporation has manufacturing facilities in Cambridge Minnesota, White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Spooner, Wisconsin. It manufactures and markets products with the EcoAir™, EcoLine™, EcoSpray®, EcoClean®, Bull Frog™, CorWipe®, Cortec and Rawn America™ brand names. For more information, please see its website at or contact Mr. Oleh Artym, Director of Corporate Communications at (651) 429-1100,


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