New Product Release: RIP 4
September 5th, 2000 For Immediate Release
Company Contact:
Oleh Artym
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
Heavy Duty Undercoating For Harsh Outdoor Conditions

For truck and auto underbodies, farm machinery, trailer frames, and marine applications, RIP-4 aerosol provides lasting protection in the most severe climatic conditions. RIP-4 is a resistant sealant that repels moisture and salt. The solvent based coating adheres to surfaces with a heavy waxy layer that protects against, harsh weather conditions, salt corrosion and road abrasion. Use RIP-4’s handy aerosol for touch-ups, or with just a few cans fully undercoat a pick-up truck.

During salt-use season vehicle underbodies are attacked by invading salt deposits that leak into cracks and crevasses. Studies have shown that rust action from road salt is even higher in the spring when rising temperatures trigger salt-caused oxidation. RIP-4 creates a barrier to invasive salt corrosion and abrasion by sealing out road dirt, salt, sand, gravel, and moisture. RIP-4 outlasts asphalt-type body undercoatings with an impenetrable exterior coating.

RIP-4 maintains the investment in vehicles and machinery by providing a year-round layer of protection. The easy to use aerosol undercoating hardens after application forming a resilient barrier. Unlike oil coatings that wash off, Rip-4 withstands the elements with superior protection. RIP-4 can also be used on equipment where asphalt-type coatings would be objectionable.

Photo. Photo of Rawn America Brand’s RIP 4.
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Company Description.
Cortec Corporation has manufacturing facilities in Cambridge Minnesota, White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Spooner, Wisconsin. It manufactures and markets products with the EcoAir™, EcoLine™, EcoSpray®, EcoClean®, Bull Frog™, CorWipe®, Cortec and Rawn America™ brand names. For more information, please see its website at or contact Mr. Oleh Artym, Director of Corporate Communications at (651) 429-1100,


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