New Product Release: Rusty Invaders VCI-426
September 8th, 2000 For Immediate Release
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Oleh Artym
Cortec Corporation
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Rusty Invaders Claim Meteorite

When chunks of the Tempel-Tuttle comet entered the earth’s atmosphere last November, atmospheric havoc turned stony iron to rust, after millenniums in corrosion free outer space. Originally discovered in Nantan, China, the specimen came from a fiery spectacle of meteors that impacted earth. The deteriorating meteor was delivered to Cortec Corporation for inspection by Bill Mason of Uncommon Conglomerates. A collector and trader of meteorites, Mason is interested in state-of-the-art preservation.

Infused with metal, the specimen was degrading rapidly from vapor and migratory corrosion. Once in Cortec’s lab, the metallic elements in the thirty- pound sample continued to oxidize in less than one hour in ambient conditions. The atmospheric processes etching away at the meteor’s surface were stopped-short by Cortec’s innovative line of VCI corrosion inhibiting products. VCIs are highly adsorbing and create an impenetrable layer of protection against invading ions. They bond with metals impeding the corrosion process. VCIs contain an inhibitive substance that is delivered through a vapor phase transport mechanism. This unique corrosion inhibiting mechanism is activated by vapor pressure.

Cortec’s VCI-426 liquid , and VCI-426 gel, scale and rust remover were applied to remove most of the surface erosion. The specimen was neutralized by rinsing with VCI-417 cleaner degreaser. VCI-417 is a nitrite-free, non-toxic and non-flammable preparation normally used to clean metal surfaces contaminated with heavy hydrocarbon deposits created from heat build-up. After the surface was completely dry, VCI-393 Epoxy Coat was applied last as a final sealant for permanent protection. VCI-393 penetrates cracks and grooves and forms a tight film that seals metal.

For meteorite buffs and collectors, Mason recommends both storage and transport of specimens in a sleeve of Ecoweave film with VCIs. Ecoweave prohibits further invasion from temperature, and humidity fluctuations, providing a protected environment. The only way to prevent corrosion is to remove water vapor from penetrating an object’s surface. In our atmosphere, one cubic foot of air, at a normal pressure and temperature, holds about 8 grams of water. Even the driest environment with a normal 20% relative humidity would cause corrosion. Withstanding an RH factor of 0%, corrosion is a certainty in our atmospheric conditions. VCIs coat metals with an electrolyte layer that repels eroding ions activated by the presence of liquid in the air.

Here in the USA alone, it’s estimated that corrosion costs industry and consumers $350 billion annually. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers has recently recognized the viability of VCI, vapor corrosion inhibiting technology. Cortec, an industry leader in VCI technology, is dedicated to research in the field of electrochemical and kinetic processes that cause corrosion. With the most innovative and environmentally safe new technologies, Cortec is committed to research, development and implementation that will reduce or eliminate costly waste disposal and risk to human health and the environment.

Editor: Photo A. Meteor before being cleaned and preserved.
Photo B. Meteor after an application of Cortec’s corrosion inhibiting products.

Editor: High resolution photos available. Contact:

Technical Contact: Bill Mason of Uncommon Conglomerates at: or call (651) 227-7000.



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