Extreme Pressure Moly Lube For High Friction Applications

March 28, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Extreme Pressure Moly Lube For High Friction Applications

A new extreme pressure lubricant has been specially formulated with molybdenum disulfide for heavy load and high friction applications. Available in a handy-to-use aerosol spray, Rawn America Moly Lube puts down a very slippery, fine lubricating layer with tremendous load bearing capability. It provides far superior lubrication to oils, greases, and silicones.

Immediately after applying Rawn America Moly Lube, metal surfaces achieve an extremely low co-efficient of friction without the need for rub-in or burnishing. The high pressure/high temperature lubricating ability protects metal surfaces from wear during normal use and helps prevent seizing, galling, or marring of surfaces during extreme load bearing situations. The new lubricant also provides extra protection to surfaces during the critical periods of QC testing and break-in cycles.

During parts assembly in manufacturing or joining threaded connectors in the field, Rawn America Moly Lube instantly lubricates surfaces so they easily fit together without the need for hard mechanical wrenching or tapping. It makes press fitting components easier and safer while protecting the metal surface against chatter or seizing during slip-stick fitting.

Moly Lube can be used for a variety of high pressure, high friction applications such as gears, bearings, cams, chains, conveyor tracks and splints; for press fitting components, T-tacks, threaded connectors; during metal forming, cold extrusion, and parts assembly. For manufacturing and field maintenance, Rawn America Moly Lube withstands salt, humidity and is highly water resistant. It offers lubricating protection over a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees F ( -28 degrees C) to 485 degrees F (251 degrees C)

Photo:High resolution photo tif of Rawn America Moly Lube is available. Please contact Tomas Gardebring at Blue Leopard, .

Company Description. Rawn America Brand is manufactured by Cortec® Spray Technologies Division located in Spooner, Wisconsin. They manufacture a variety of compressed air-powered, aerosol and related products for the MRO, electronic, telecommunications, electrical, industrial and process industries. Additional product information is available at

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