Rough Shaves Don't Cut It Anymore

March 28, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Rough Shaves Don't Cut It Anymore

The packaging industry estimates that shipping with toxic, non-recyclable packaging has totaled over 10 billion dollars in fines to manufacturers. Those who continue to ignore the new environmental restrictions with ecologically unacceptable packaging face rough fines and "take-it-back" laws.  As world markets open and distribution is restricted by new imposed recycling laws, flexible packaging will have to meet new environmental sanctions of an expanding global marketplace. Producer responsibility demands, nationally and Internationally, will necessitate adopting new packaging alternatives with safe technology that is affordable and environmentally acceptable.

A recent independent laboratory testanalyzed the corrosion inhibiting features of different brand name plastic films and papers for packaging. Referred to as the Razor Blade test, which measures visible signs of corrosion, each metal sample was given a pass or fail according to specific test parameters. After reviewing the test results, the laboratory affirmed that wrapping metals, such as value-added parts for the automotive or telecommunication's industry, in films and papers with old toxic nitrite technology, is both harmful to humans and the environment. Traditional corrosion protection has been around for years, but today's stricter environmental laws and new safer technologies demand a solution that cuts two ways, performance wise and environmentally.

VCI chemistry developed and patented by Cortec® Corporation eliminates harmful nitrites with a water-based, non-toxic technology that benefits the environment, providing better, safer protection. With excellent resistance to water and oxygen, VCIs adhere to metals forming an electrolyte layer that resists atmospheric degradation. Cortec is committed to researching and developing products that meet with ISO 9000 and ISO14000 International standards. With Cortec's safe technologies, VCI plastic film and paper packaging deliver protection with results that ensure corrosion free parts on arrival, without shaving profits or enduring harsh fines, banned packaging, or even prosecution.  

Test Background:
Copper, galvanized steel, and carbon steel were used as sample metals in a test group that included 12 different plastic and paper films. The factor that makes this test remarkable is the metal samples being observed and measured for corrosion never come in direct physical contact with the VCI compounds that are actually providing the protection. That's because VCI chemistry is transmitted through a vapor phase transport mechanism that volatizes in the air.

The test required samples that were impregnated with VCI compounds. There were several VCI compounds being used, traditional compounds that contain toxic nitrites, and new water-based VCI technology from Cortec Corporation without harmful environmental side effects. The methodology employed used sample test groups with freshly exposed metal surfaces that were sanded, pre-cleaned, and washed with methanol and then dried. Two drops of ionized water were placed on each sample. Then they were covered, without touching the metal, with a piece of VCI treated test material. An additional control sample was covered with a low-density polyethylene only.

The treated and covered samples were stored at ambient temperatures for 4 hours and then inspected. Most of the paper samples exemplified a consistent ability to protect metal parts from corrosive elements. The protective properties in most plastic films proved unsuccessful as a corrosion treatment, indicating a varied response. Some films offered some protection for one particular metal, others showed virtually no protection for one metal and more protection for another. Cortec's VCI papers and film provided the most complete protection on all metals. Cortec's VCIs revealed the least amount of discoloration and degradation as measured by the test results.

Photo: High resolution photo tif of razor blade test results for Cortec papers and film. Please contact Tomas Gardebring at Blue Leopard, .

Company Description: Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.
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