A Quick-Dry Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting CoatingsSolution for Fast-Paced Metals Manufacturing

June 15, 2021

There are many factors to consider in the fast-paced metals manufacturing environment. One critical
question is how to apply a protective coating quickly and effectively without having parts stick together
farther down the line. Cortec
® answers the need for outstanding corrosion protection for production lines
short on drying time with EcoShield
® 386 FD, a forcedry version of one of its top-performing water-based

EcoShield® 386 FD is a water-based acrylic one coat system that can be applied DTM (direct to metal) and
force dried in 10 minutes at 150 °F (65 °C). EcoShield
® 386 FD provides protection in harsh outdoor,
unsheltered applications. Its specialty formula of non-hazardous corrosion inhibitors outperforms other
paints and competes with traditional corrosion inhibiting coatings while battling corrosion at the microcavity level. Where traditional inhibitors may leave gaps due to their larger relative particle size, EcoShield
® 386 FD provides a more continuous layer of protection to inhibit micro-corrosion and discourage rust “blossoming” if corrosion gets a foothold. Notable features of EcoShield® 386 FD include the following:

Outstanding performance in salt spray and humidity chamber testing
5B adhesion
HB-H pencil hardness
Excellent UV resistance
Custom color matching for most colors

There are countless situations where EcoShield® 386 FD will be of particular benefit. Pipe manufacturing is a prime example. As new pipes go down the production line, they are coated rapidly and may pile up at the end of the conveyer or be bundled together before the coating has time to cool down. If the coating is not hard enough, the pipes may stick together and experience coatings damage when they are pulled apart later.

EcoShield® 386 FD has good hot hardness, making it much less likely for the coated parts to adhere to each other before the coating has cooled. EcoShield® 386 FD can be applied as part of the normal coating process and force dried for minimal delay in the manufacturing process. Pipes or other parts coated with EcoShield® 386 FD can then be bundled, stacked, or simply jostled together on the conveyer line without extra concern that
the parts will stick together.

Whenever a corrosion inhibitor coating is needed in a fast-paced environment with minimal cooling time before stacking metal parts, EcoShield
® 386 FD should be seriously considered. EcoShield® 386 FD leaves behind an inconspicuous 1.0-2.0 mil (25-50 µm) DFT (dry film thickness) coating that offers outstanding corrosion protection. It makes it easier to handle components that need to be processed, stacked, and packed immediately, reducing or eliminating the likelihood that the parts will stick together only to be pulled apart and experience a higher risk of coatings failure and corrosion down the road.

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