Beat the ‘Corrosion Blues’ with VpCI®-126 Blue!

May 5, 2021

It is a sad sight to open a new shipment of metal parts only to find that they have rusted on their journey overseas. It can be even more frustrating to retrieve a critical spare replacement part that needs to be installed immediately, only to find that it is too corroded to use. The combined impact of lost time and money to correct the problem is enough to discourage both end user and manufacturer alike. Fortunately, there is an easy way to beat these “corrosion blues” ahead of time with VpCI®-126 Blue!

VpCI®-126 Blue is the premier VCI film on the market for protecting metal components of all sizes—from as small as a needle to as large as a shipping container. It comes in a variety of stock and custom formats to meet specific application needs for corrosion inhibiting sheeting, tubing, zipper closure bags, bags-on-a-roll, and more!

VpCI®-126 offers extremely reliable corrosion protection and has successfully been used for storage and/or shipment of countless items, such as the following:
• Semi-assembled motorcycle parts
• Large ferrules for the nuclear industry
• Electrical cabinets
• Engine blocks
• High voltage interrupters
• Valves
• Offshore equipment
• And much more!

Sometimes VpCI®-126 Blue is combined with other sources of corrosion protection (e.g., VpCI®-111 Emitters or BioPad®) depending on the size of the package and the shipping environment, and sometimes it is used alone. Other times, it is made in specialty versions such as shrink film or UV resistant film. The important thing is that in matching the protective packaging to the specific needs of the application, VpCI®-126 Blue can be a dynamic steppingstone on the path toward happy customers and successful manufacturers! Learn more about beating the “corrosion blues” with VpCI®-126 Blue when you click here:

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