CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #146: Protection of College Boilers During Seasonal Layup

September 10, 2021

Corrosion of boilers and deaerators at a midwestern U.S. college had been a severe problem during seasonal shutdown. With the installation of a new boiler and deaerator, the chief engineer wanted to protect the new equipment from the same problem.
Boiler Lizards were placed on each end of the boiler in the steam and mud drum of the water tube boiler and on the top of the tubes and belly of the firetube boiler. Corrosion coupons were installed, and the boilers were sealed

The boilers were inspected several months later prior to bringing them online. The internals appeared to be in the same condition as before with no evidence of corrosion in spite of a leaky valve that had allowed water to pool from steam condensation. After refilling, draining, and refilling the boilers to bring them back online, the iron level of the water was found to be 20 times lower than past boiler startups, and the customer was extremely satisfied with the results.

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