Cortec® Presents Environmentally Responsible Corrosion Solutions at FCA Environmental Tradeshow

November 20, 2019

Every year, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) hosts an environmental seminar and invites vendors to come and educate their EHS staff on the environmental health and safety benefits they can offer within FCA’s various manufacturing facilities.

As a longtime partner of FCA, Cortec® was also invited to attend. Jessica Glanz (Regional Sales Manager) represented Cortec® at the September event and recalled that “what they were very interested in was our recycling program where we can actually take back the [VCI] film they use, recycle it, and reprocess it into our film again, and that eliminates the landfill needs and prevents them from having to pay for those types of disposal,” said Glanz.

Cortec® stands apart as an industry leader in this respect and looks forward to helping FCA to find a way to make this innovative recycling program work for them, helping lower their environmental impact and cut disposal costs.

Learn more about Cortec’s recycling program here:

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