Cortec® Presents Steel Coil Solutions for Uncertain Times

June 16, 2020

Steel coil is wrapped on pallets before being sent to the plant.Do you know any steel coil manufacturers trying to cope with the present uncertainty? Like all of us, steel coil makers do not know for sure how pandemic interruptions will play out. Will shipments be delayed because of less demand? Will manufacturers have to find new customers in export markets to make up for falling demand in domestic ones? Whatever the questions, the lingering uncertainty requires us to be more adaptable than ever to changing circumstances such as longer storage periods or farther shipping distances, which could also raise the risk of corrosion. Fortunately, the use of VpCI® packaging can ease the tension by incorporating corrosion protection right into the packaging system. This serves as a sort of “insurance” plan for unexpected changes in the product’s life cycle. Wait or no wait, longdistance export shipping or domestic transport, steel coils can be ready to go (or stay) either way if they have been properly packaged. Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film or VpCI®-126 film tubing are two great ways to increase adaptability and corrosion protection, especially for coils that may end up being shipped in an uncovered truck or undergoing ocean export through tropical areas. By substituting one of these VpCI® films for standard packaging material, steel coil producers can protect against corrosion without interfering in the routine package process. If desired, cardboard cores can also be lined with CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper to protect the inner diameter of the coils. Many additional protection options are available, as well. The future is uncertain, but it pays to be adaptable. VpCI® packaging will help coil producers do that. Making a small investment in good packaging protection now will be well worth avoiding the costs of corrosion and damage control later. Contact us for more ideas on steel coil protection for uncertain times:

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