Cortec® Solutions to Corrosion Make Short-Term Layup Quick, Easy, Effective

April 7, 2020

Sometimes, unexpected events require sudden changes in work plans, as we know all too well these days. For instance, you may have to hold off on a shipment of new castings when your customer suspends production, or you may need to build a stock of items ahead of time for one reason or another in either good or bad economic times. In both cases, it’s important to have even just a few trusted solutions to corrosion on standby to make short-term layup quick, easy, and effective.

Much can be done simply by having a stock of VpCI®-126 Film or Bags, VpCI®-146 Paper, and/or Bio-Pads on hand. Grabbing one or several of these items lets you quickly turn a bag, box, or crate into a protective environment that keeps metals looking like new and ready to ship or assemble on a moment’s notice—no extra cleaning required. There are several ways to do this:

1. Wrap or interleave parts with VpCI®-146 Paper and enclose in a box or bin.
2. Insert metal parts into a VpCI®-126 Top-Seal Bag, or line a crate with a large VpCI®-126 Gusseted Bag.
3. Place a Bio-Pad® inside a package of metal parts, alone or in conjunction with VpCI®-146 Paper and VpCI®-126 Film.

All of these strategies can be mixed and matched depending on the specific circumstances and the volume or degree of corrosion protection needed. Contact Cortec® for your supply of these quick, easy, and effective layup products or to get further advice:!

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