Cortec® Water Treatments Do Double Duty for Corrosion Protection During Hydrotesting and Layup

March 10, 2021

Cortec® Corporation supplies many effective, userfriendly water treatments that offer significant improvements on traditional methods of corrosion protection (or lack thereof). In many cases, water
treatment means adding corrosion inhibitors or chemicals directly to boilers or process water systems, cooling systems, and closed loops during operation or layup. A less obvious but still critical aspect of water treatment is corrosion protection during hydrostatic testing. The danger is that water designed to reveal leaks in pumps, pipelines, casings, valves, tanks, and a host of other equipment can also leave behind oxygen-enriched moisture and quickly result in flash corrosion. To counter this problem, Cortec® offers VpCI® water treatments that do double duty as corrosion protection both during hydrotesting and after the component has been drained.

Your Go-To for Hydrostatic Testing Protection

The VpCI®-649 Series is a popular, widely used hydrotesting additive that can provide up to two years of corrosion protection depending on dosage.
These unique concentrated liquid formulations protect copper, steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum and do not contain nitrites, phosphates, or
chromates. They combine contact corrosion inhibitors with antiscalants and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that provide an added dimension of
protection in air pockets or intricate areas where the hydrotesting water may not be able to reach. When dosed for extended protection, the VpCI®-
649 Series leaves behind a thin film of corrosion inhibitors that continue to protect long after application, making the product convenient for dual
hydrotesting and layup or extended preservation when shipping and storing newly made items such as valves. The VpCI®-649 Series has been used in a variety of applications:

• Hydrostatic testing of oil and gas “Christmas tree” equipment
• Cleaning of pipeline casings before the application of CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler (VpCI®-649 BD)
• Hydrostatic testing of steam generation tube bundles
• Hydrostatic testing of heat exchange equipment
• Hydrostatic testing of valves (VpCI®-649 BD)

Hydrostatic Testing with Corrosive Seawater

Often, hydrostatic testing must be done in marine environments, whether testing for leaks on newly made ships or newly installed piping on an offshore platform. The abundance of seawater makes an economical source of hydrotesting water—except for the fact that it is highly corrosive due to the extra salt content. If seawater is to be used, a corrosion inhibiting hydrotesting additive is needed more than ever. VpCI®-645 is designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in these situations where saltwater, brine, or other highly corrosive solutions are present. It serves as an effective replacement for nitrite- and chromate-based formulations and, for those concerned about sustainability, offers a product that contains 93% USDA certified biobased content. In addition to hydrotesting protection, VpCI®-645 can be used for wet layup of boilers, pipelines, vessels, and more.

Hydrotesting is a critical part of manufacturing and installing industrial equipment. Without it, leaks could go undetected. With it, corrosion can occur and cause further problems. By incorporating the right VpCI® additive, the components can be protected from corrosion during hydrotesting and beyond. Contact us forfurther assistance in selecting and applying the best corrosion inhibitor for your application:

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