Cortec’s Easy Corrosion Solutions for Bearings Layup

August 6, 2020

Bearings are everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes, and stages of use. Some are small spares stored in non-climate-controlled warehouses subject to fluctuating humidity. Some are large shaft bearings that need to be removed from a ship for long-term layup. Some remain installed in equipment when it temporarily goes offline. Fortunately, Cortec® offers many excellent corrosion solutions to maintain the integrity of bearings during all stages of layup and facilitate an easy return to service.

One of the simplest and most basic options for layup of spare bearings is to wrap them in CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper or VpCI®-126 Film. This provides dry corrosion protection that can be easily removed on a moment’s notice without extra cleaning or degreasing.

If inside storage space is lacking, very large bearings (for example, shaft bearings that need to be preserved upon removal from an LNG ship) can be laid up outdoors by wrapping them in MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film with VpCI®-137 Foam placed inside for padding and an extra source of VpCI® molecules.

Equipment bearings that remain installed may be lubricated with enhanced corrosion inhibiting grease, such as CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease (NLGI Grade 2) or EcoLine® Bio-based Grease powered by Nano VpCI® (NLGI Grade 3). These greases offer the convenience of corrosion protection during idle periods as well as operation, so that it is not necessary to remove one grease and apply another when transitioning to different levels of activity.

Whether protecting small or large bearings with VpCI® grease, paper, film, or foam, Cortec® is here to help you perform effective layup so bearings can be put back into use quickly on demand! Contact us for assistance today:

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