Create Your Own Outdoor Storage Kit!

June 3, 2020

Has the pandemic left you with backed up stock that you do not have room to store indoors? Or maybe it has left your new oil and gas construction project on hold. Turn your outdoor storage space into a safe haven with these powerful—yet incredibly simple—Cortec® VpCI® packaging ideas to protect metal items from corrosion and damage.

VpCI® packaging materials release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that diffuse throughout the enclosed space and adsorb as a protective corrosion inhibiting molecular layer on metal surfaces inside the package. When the packaging is removed, the VpCI® molecules float away, leaving the items ready to use immediately with no special cleaning required.

The many different sizes and formats of VpCI® packaging allow you to mix and match to find the best outdoor storage solution for your budget and specific needs. Here are some great ideas to get started!
• Shrink-wrap a set of newly finished components in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film with a Bio-Pad® or VpCI®-130 Series foam inside for extra protection
• Interleave layers of automotive parts with CorShield®VpCI®-146 Paper and enclose the entire crate in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film
• Place EcoPouches, VpCI®-308 Pouches, or VpCI®-309 Pouches (depending on metal types) in strategic places in and around the voids of large process equipment (e.g., boilers or chillers) and shrink-wrap the entire module in MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film or VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film, depending on the harshness and length of the preservation period
• Shrink-wrap heavy equipment in MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film for temporary storage, with VpCI®-105 or VpCI®-111 Emitters placed inside near electrical components

Contact us at any time for more help to create your outdoor storage kit!

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