Layup of Offshore Drilling Rigs

May 25, 2020

The decision to lay up an offshore platform is a serious one that needs to be accompanied by responsible steps to preserve assets for future use. This detailed guide includes practical, effective Cortec® corrosion protection strategies for the many facets of an offshore rig. From accommodations, to mud pumps, to windlasses—this guide shows you how to carry out a successful rig stacking program to ensure your assets are in good condition, ready to use as soon as possible when the market warrants drilling again.


Accomodation Forklift (Electric)
Agitators Forklift
Air Compressors Fuel, Base Oil Tanks
Air Driers Generators
Air Hoists H.V.A.C.
Alarm Systems Handling Tools
Annular Hook
Ballast Tanks & Piping Hoses, Bulk LP
Battery Boxes HP Mud System
Blowers & Motors (Rotary TD, DWKS & MPs) Hydraulic Systems
Boiler Jacking Systems
BOPs Lifeboats/MOBs
BOP Control System LP Mud System
BOP Trolleys MCCs
Bulk Air Compressors Mooring & Towing
Bulk Tanks Mud Pits
Cement Manifold Mud Pumps
Cement Unit Navaids & Marine
Choke & Kill Potable Water Tanks
Centrifugal Pumps Radiators
Cold Start Compressor Rig Floor
Communications Rotary Table
Cranes (Electric) Sack Storage
Cranes (Hydraulic) SCR & Electrical Spares
Crown Shale Shakers
Deadline Anchor Ships' Service
Desander Skidding System
Desilter Spinning Wrench
Diverter Valves Standpipe
Diverter/Diverter Element Swivel
Drawworks TDS
Drawworks Cooling Transfer Lines
Drilling Instrumentation Travelling Block
Drill String Voids
Electrical Junction Boxes Watermakers
Elmagco Brake Windlass
Engines Wire Line Unit

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