• Corrosion Inhibiting Technologies for Concrete-Industrial background from metal parts produced in metal industry factory

Aircraft protected for long-term storage using Cortec® VpCI® Products

Now, more than ever, companies need to protect their capital assets and WIP-cycle components in this time of uncertainty and unplanned shutdowns. Due to the impact of COVID-19, society must embrace the adage, “Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.” Even after this is over, it will take time for the supply and demand sides of the market to synchronize. To ease the process, equipment needs to be protected in such a manner that it can be put back into commission with minimal effort to meet market demand.

Cortec® Corp. is working hard during this crisis to offer help and support across all industry sectors, putting its technical expertise at the disposal of its customers to assist them in the following areas:

  • Preservation of grounded aircraft
  • Preservation of materials in inventory

As manufacturing facilities are shutting down and going into a state of forced layup for an indefinite period, keeping these assets corrosion-free is essential to ensuring they can be reinstated and operational as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Corrosion is a major problem for idle equipment and assets, especially in the presence of moist, salt-laden air or fluctuating humidity that forms condensation on electrical systems, rotating equipment, hydraulics, bolts, valves, and motors, to name a few components. Corrosion results in

  • Premature equipment failure
  • Unnecessary and non-budgeted repair and replacement costs
  • Costly delays in reinstatement of vehicles, plants, and equipment

How Can We Combat This?

Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology is designed to protect assets and equipment during shutdown and storage. It is based on the formation of a molecular barrier that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces from oxygen and electrolytes, thus breaking the corrosion cycle. Cortec® VpCI® materials provide total corrosion protection to equipment of all types, from small electronic components to large oil and gas module piping internals.

Preservation of a Commercial Aircraft (Jets and Helicopters)

FuselageVpCI®-415Wash all external surfaces of the plane with VpCI®-415.
Fuselage, cockpit, galley, toilet, baggage compartmentsVpCI®-308 PouchPlace pouches evenly spaced along the aisle of the aircraft, cockpit, galley, toilet, and baggage compartments. Each pouch protects 35 ft3.
Fuel tanks and fuel system (Jet fuel “A” and “A1”)VpCI®-707Fog into fuel system at 1 oz./ft3.
Hydraulic systemsM-528, M-531Add to M-528 to water-soluble PAG hydraulic fluids at 2% or M-531 to non-water-soluble fluids at 2%.
Electronic systemsVpCI®-239, VpCI®-101, VpCI®-105, VpCI®-111Spray all contacts with VpCI®-239 and install appropriate size emitter: VpCI®-101 (1 ft3), VpCI®-105 (5 ft3), VpCI®-111 (10 ft3).
EnginesVpCI®-337, VpCI®-308 PouchFog flow path with VpCI®-337 at 0.5 oz./ft3 and place VpCI®-308 Pouch inside the air inlet.
Engine linkagesVpCI® Super Penetrant, VpCI®-126 HP UVSpray all external linkages on the engine with VpCI® Super Penetrant and shrink wrap the engine with VpCI®-126 HP UV.
Landing gearVpCI®-368D
EcoLine® Biobased Rubber Revitalizer
Spray articulating joints with VpCI®-369D.
Coat all exposed surfaces with VpCI®-368D.
Coat wheels with EcoLine® Biobased Rubber Revitalizer.
Ailerons, wing flaps, stabilizers, elevator, door hinges, and rudderVpCI®-369DSpray all moveable joints with VpCI®-369D.
Toilets and holding tanksECO-SEPT™
Either add ECO-SEPT™ to the toilet or PORTA-TREAT™ to the holding tank.
GearboxesM-531Add M-531 at 5% to gearbox oil.
BearingsCorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP GreaseApply to bearings and moving parts serviced with a zirc (zerk) fitting.

Airline Approved Products:

  • Boeing – VpCI®-415 (conforms to Boeing D6-17487, Rev P)
  • Safran – VpCI®-126
  • Airbus – VpCI®-126
  • GE Aerospace, Turkey – CorShield® VpCI®-368 & CorShield® VpCI®-369
  • GE Aviation, Cheltenham, UK – VpCI®-308
  • August Westland, Italy – VpCI®-126
  • Magellan Aerospace, UK – VpCI®-126
  • Airbus Helicopters, France – Emitters, Cor-Pak® Tablets, VpCI®-126
  • Airbus Space & Defense – VpCI®-329 (Z20304), VpCI®-126 Blue (Z241CS-CML15-A16), VpCI®-125 (Z241CS-CML15-P11)
  • Safran – VpCI® foam

Reference Documents:



ProductPerformance GuidelineQPL ListedCommercial Equivalent**NSN/NATO/GSA
Cor-Pak® 1-MUL PouchMIL I-22110CYesNSN 6850-01-470-2737
GSA 8030-01-208-1769
Cor-Pak® Tablets*MIL I-22110C
CorShield® Packaging FabricMIL P-58102Yes
Desicorr®MIL-D-3464E (1)
Desicorr® VpCI®MIL-D-3464E (1)
MIL I-22110C
EcoShield®MIL P-58102Yes
EcoWeave®MIL PRF-121GYes
MilCorr® Shrink FilmMIL PRF-121GYes
VpCI®-101NSN 6850-01-338-1392
VpCI®-105MIL I-22110CYesNSN 6850-01-406-2060
VpCI®-110*MIL I-22110CYesNSN 6850-01-456-2971
VpCI®-111MIL I-22110CYesNSN 6850-01-408-9025
VpCI-126 Blue®MIL PRF-22019E (1)Yes
VpCI-126® ShrinkMIL PRF-22019E (1)QPL 22019-21
VpCI®-130 SeriesMIL-PRF-26514G (T 3) (CLS II) (A)
VpCI®-133MIL-PRF-26514G (T 3(CLS II) (A)NSN 6850-01-426-3539
VpCI®-144MIL PRF-3420GYes
VpCI®-146*MIL PRF-3420GYes
VpCI®-150/170MIL-PRF-26514G (T 3) (CLS II) (A)NSN 8030-01-208-1769
NATO 8030-00-244-1299
ElectriCorr® VpCI®-238NSN 6850-01-413-9361
VpCI®-307MIL I-22110C
VpCI®-308MIL I-22110C
VpCI®-322MIL PRF-46002CYes
VpCI®-323MIL PRF-46002C
MIL I-85062 (Additives to Oils)
VpCI®-325MIL PRF-16173E (3)NSN 6850-01-517-1652
VpCI®-326MIL PRF-46002C
MIL I-85062 (Additives to Oil)
NSN 6850-01-470-3358
NATO 6850-66-132-6100
VpCI®-327MIL C-15074EYes
VpCI®-329MIL PRF-46002(1)
MIL I-85062 (Additives to Oil)
NSN 6850-01-470-3359
NATO 6850-66-132-6100
VpCI®-347NATO 6850-66-132-6101
NATO 6850-66-132-6102
NSN 6850-01-470-2740
VpCI®-368MIL PRF-16173E (Grade 1)YesNSN 8030-00-062-6950
NSN 8030-00-231-2345
NSN 8030-00-244-1300
NSN 8030-01-470-2601
NATO 6850-66-132-5848
NATO 6850-66-132-6099
VpCI®-368MMIL PRF-16173E (Grade 1)QPL 4620-1535(1)NSN 8030-01-430-4898
VpCI®-369MIL PRF-16173E (Grade 2)YesNSN 8030-00-244-1297
NSN 8030-00-244-1295
NSN 8030-01-149-1731
VpCI®-369MMIL PRF-16173E (Grade 2)QPL 4620-1535(2)NSN 8030-00-244-1298
NSN 8030-01-149-1731
VpCI®-373NSN 8010-01-470-2739
VpCI®-377NSN 8010-01-502-9727
VpCI®-379NSN 8030-01-481-8928
VpCI®-386 Water Based AcrylicNSN 8030-01-481-8897
VpCI®-388NSN 8030-01-481-8898
VpCI®-415MIL PRF-87937D Type IV BOEING D6-17487 Rev P
Douglas CSD-1
VpCI®-422NSN 6850-01-482-4534
VpCI®-423NSN 6850-01-482-4536
VpCI®-426 Rust RemoverNSN 6850-01-477-4155
VpCI®-560***PowderMIL-I-22110CYesNSN 6850-01-470-2738

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