Natural Solutions for Overloaded Home Septic Systems

June 17, 2020

Septic tanks

With more people staying at home from work and school for shelter-in-place orders, homeowners who rely on septic systems may have experienced a faster buildup of waste than normal in the last few months. To avoid extra pumping fees and keep septic tanks from overload or backup, this is a great time to help homeowners boost septic system efficiency by adding some Bionetix® biologicals, which is extremely easy to do! Septic tanks already work because naturally occurring bacteria gradually break down waste in the septic tank. Bionetix® septic treatments enhance the process by adding extra microorganisms that are good at biodegrading paper, oils, greases, and other wastes. This speeds up the process so that waste breaks down more quickly, sludge builds up more slowly, and pumping is needed less often. As a result, homeowners can reduce maintenance costs, prevent drain blockage and backup, extend drain life, and reduce the risk of leach field failure—promoting a healthier septic system overall. Bionetix® septic treatment is available in several different forms, all of which are easy to flush down the toilet or add directly to the septic tank once a month. ECO-SEPT™ comes either as a liquid or as water-soluble pouches containing 28 billion bacteria per pouch. FIZZY-TAB™ is a blue 5- or 22-gram tablet containing 5 billion CFU/gram. For the highest concentration of microorganisms (especially good for chemical aftershock treatment), BIO-BOOST Tablet 1T™ supplies a one trillion count blend of bacteria to reestablish a healthy microbial colony in septic tanks. Contact Bionetix® to learn more and stock up on these natural treatments for homeowners:!

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