New Cortec® Metalworking Website Bids to Increase Productivity and Cut Corrosion Losses

August 27, 2021

Cortec® has launched a fresh new version of its Cortec® Metalworking website that aims to cut the cost of corrosion for metal producers. The economic losses from corrosion can be staggering, stemming from rust claims, freight costs on returned goods, and reprocessing of metals or resale at a lower grade. Cortec’s new website takes a professional and logical approach to introducing advanced methods of corrosion protection that metalworkers may not have considered, but which could lead them on the path to cutting corrosion losses and streamlining their production processes.

Corrosion Protection for the Many Stages of Metalworking

Activities such as milling, pickling, rolling, stamping, drawing, and other metalworking operations require a variety of coolants, lubricants, and/or rust preventatives to get the job done effectively while preserving the metal in like-new condition. Even after metalworking is done, lubrication and rust prevention are often needed to help the final component reach the customer corrosion-free and ready to operate smoothly. Cortec® products help producers work with metal in its many different stages—from forming and processing intermediate metals to machining and maintaining finished goods.

While many Cortec® metalworking products fit into more than one category, the website groups them according to cutting fluids, lubricants, or general rust preventatives for easier navigation. Each category is further subdivided by product type to meet the needs, preferences, and specifications of each individual user. A diverse range of options is available:

  • Biobased
  • Water-Based
  • Oil-Based
  • Solvent-Based

Streamline the Protection Process

Cortec® rust preventative technologies include unique technologies that cut corrosion costs and streamline the rust prevention process. For edge treatment, VpCI® can be applied in just seconds to the edges of coils or stacks with conventional manual or automated spray equipment. Traditional rust preventatives do not stop speckling on the internal metal layers. Humidity and condensed moisture easily penetrate the coil, forming a highly corrosive environment inside. Rust, speckling, and staining can develop in minutes under these conditions. Products with vapor-phase action migrate wherever humidity and corrosive agents can penetrate to provide corrosion protection in difficult-to-reach areas.

Other Cortec® metalworking products leave behind a clear dry protective film that may not even need to be removed before further processing. For example, unlike typical rust preventative oils and solvents, BioCorr® forms a virtually undetectable dry film on the metal surface and helps create a cleaner workplace by the absence of messy oils. As a USDA Certified Biobased Product, it offers an environmentally sound alternative to petroleum derived products. For manufacturers who are more comfortable with the traditional approach, Cortec® continues to offer oily film rust preventatives available in oil-based, solvent-based, and even biobased formats. Almost all of Cortec’s metalworking products can be applied to multi-metal types, including several that incorporate yellow metal protection.

Helpful Resources

Metal producers can help guide their product selection by answering questions about their specific application needs on the “Products” page. They can also click on the “Brochures” tab to download a variety of pamphlets related to different topics of metals corrosion protection, from flat-rolled steel production to corrosion protection for basic metal industries, to a VpCI® metalworking brochure that mirrors the new website.

Corrosion does not stop on its own, but with the tools available on the new Cortec® Metalworking website, metal producers can be well on their way to increasing productivity and cutting corrosion losses with common-sense rust prevention technologies. Browse the new website today to find the corrosion solutions that are right for you:

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