New Spanish Translation Opens up Greater Opportunities for Water Treatment!

September 9, 2020

Industrial_Water_Applications_Page_1We are pleased to announce the translation of our water treatment brochure into Spanish! With this translation, “Solutions to Corrosion for Industrial Water Applications” has become “Soluciones a la Corrosión para Aplicaciones en Aguas Industriales,” making Cortec’s revolutionary water treatments more accessible to Spanish-speaking countries.

These solutions are especially important to those industries that may be facing increased layup right now due to ripple effects of COVID-19 pandemic precautions. Industrial boilers and cooling water systems that need to be temporarily laid up, either due to seasonal shutdown or lower industrial demand and activity, will benefit from Cortec’s many practical corrosion solutions that preserve equipment for the short-term or long-term, while making it easy to bring them back into operation. These solutions also tend to be safer and simpler than traditional methods that are cumbersome, dangerous, or sometimes non-existent.

See the brochure for yourself and get ready to share it with the Spanish speakers you know!!

For a PDF version please click here.