From Sacrificing Concrete to Extending Its Service Life: Kevin Quan Brings Exciting Background to MCI® East Coast Position

August 3, 2021

Whether promoting crushable concrete or trying to make reinforced concrete structures last longer with MCI®, one thing remains the same for Kevin Quan: his excitement about advancing game-changing technologies designed to preserve valuable assets and potentially save lives.

Kevin hit the ground running in early June when he joined the Cortec® MCI® team as its new Regional Sales Manager for the East Coast (U.S.). He sees a huge need for MCI® Technologies to mitigate corrosion and extend concrete service life in challenging East Coast environmental conditions and has been busy raising awareness with key stakeholders in the region ever since coming onboard.

Kevin’s background uniquely positions him to understand and meet client needs both from a technical and business perspective. Starting with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Kevin went on to earn an Executive MBA. He also has a wealth of experience from 20-plus years in sales and marketing for the aviation, construction, chemical, and nuclear industries, giving him a wellrounded frame of reference from which to understand concrete challenges.

Of particular interest are Kevin’s 15 years working in aviation construction for a designer and manufacturer of a crushable concrete aircraft arresting
system. While Kevin’s main goal now is to make concrete last as long as possible, his aim at that time was to provide airports around the world with a material intentionally engineered to crush under a specific load in order to safely stop planes from overshooting the end of a runway. The approaches are different, but the basic underlying purpose is the same: to save what is most valuable.

Kevin had this to say about what interested him in joining Cortec®: “I like being associated with unique and game-changing technologies. Cortec® is a leader in corrosion technology with great products that can add value to our customers. It is exciting to be able to introduce them to products that can double the life expectancy of a structure. I also like the safety aspect of our products – it could be life-saving as well as a way to avoid costly
future repair work.”

Kevin is eager to introduce MCI® Technology to all stakeholders in new construction and concrete restoration work. Be sure to contact him for assistance if you work in the East Coast area of the U.S.

Kevin Quan
Regional Sales Manager (East Coast)
Mobile: (445) 400-5163

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