Two Great Weldable Rust Preventatives for Heavy Equipment Suppliers

July 14, 2021

Heavy equipment parts are often manufactured and shipped from around the world before they ever reach the assembly plant. This leaves suppliers responsible to ensure parts arrive rust-free in like-new condition. This is often accomplished by applying a rust preventative, but the job gets more complicated for parts that will be welded. The rust preventative must either meet the company’s weldable spec or be removed prior to
welding. To circumvent this problem and make rust prevention more convenient for customers and suppliers, Cortec
® offers two excellent rust preventatives—BioCorr® and VpCI®-325—that have been fully approved for weldable applications through EHS and mechanical destructive testing at a heavy equipment manufacturer.

BioCorr® is a great option for anyone who wants a virtually undetectable dry film rust preventative that does not have to be removed before further component assembly and processing. In addition to its userfriendly advantages, BioCorr® is a USDA Certified Biobased Product that contains 64% USDA certified biobased content, offering a double advantage compared to messy petroleum-based products made from nonrenewables. For those who still prefer a more traditional rust preventative that leaves behind an oily film, VpCI®-325 is another excellent weldable option. The tenacious film of VpCI®-325 displaces water and inhibits corrosion. Rather than being completely solvent-based, VpCI®-325 has a partial vegetable oil base, improving its environmental profile via a biobased, biodegradable raw material.

When using these products, heavy equipment parts suppliers can have the peace of mind that their components are protected while the assembly
plant enjoys the benefit of not having to undertake a messy cleaning job before welding. If you know someone who makes components that require a weldable rust preventative, contact us today to discuss which of these two products is best for your customer:

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